To Wash A Duvet Inner, Follow These Tips:

Washing a duvet or a quilt can be quite daunting, perhaps these tips on how to wash a duvet inner will be useful.

  1. Check the care label for washing instructions and follow them carefully. Many manufacturers recommend taking the item to a professional dry cleaner, but it is possible to wash a duvet at home if you have a large enough washing machine.
  2. Avoid using a washing machine that is too small, as the wet duvet inner will become heavy and could damage the drum.
  3. Natural fibers should be washed with extreme care, and a dry cleaner is usually recommended. Make sure to dry the duvet thoroughly, as the filling can hold on to moisture and spoil.
  4. Synthetic fibers can be washed at the temperature specified on the care label. Make sure the duvet fits in your washing machine with room to move around during the cycle.
  5. If the duvet is too large for your washing machine, take it to a laundromat. Dry the duvet as quickly as possible in a dryer (only if recommended) or outside on a hot, sunny day.
  6. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your duvet, as they can damage the fabric fibers and down. Use a mild detergent, preferably one used on delicate fabrics.
  7. If you want to hand wash your duvet, carefully read the care label and follow the instructions. Start washing the duvet as early as possible to maximize your drying time.
  8. Fill your bath halfway with tepid water and add your detergent. Activate the detergent by moving your hands in the water, and then submerge the duvet.
  9. Scrub the duvet gently to remove any dirt or stains, making sure not to damage the down. Rinse the duvet thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
  10. Squeeze out the excess water by rolling the duvet as tightly as possible without wringing it. Do this repeatedly to avoid wrinkling the fabric.
  11. Hang the duvet outside in the sun and shake it out every half hour to redistribute the down. This will help it dry quickly and evenly.

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